Things That You Can Do to Help Your Child Transition Into Daycare

Kid’s daycare services in Birmingham, AL, are a great option for working parents. However, you may feel uneasy about leaving your child with a stranger. Your child may also have a hard time being away from you. The good news is that there are ways that you can make this transition easier for your child.

Visit Together

You should take your child to the daycare before they start. This will allow your child to explore the environment and become more comfortable with it. You should let your child see their classroom and the environment.

Bring Something Familiar

If your child has a reminder of home, then they will have an easier time getting adjusted to the environment. This can include things such as a blanket, t-shirt or a family portrait.

Tell Your Child What to Expect

Your child may be anxious about daycare because they do not know what to expect. That is why you should talk to them about what will happen in daycare. You should also get a copy of the schedule and adjust your child’s home life to that schedule.

For example, if your child will have lunch at 12 when they are at daycare, then they should have lunch at 12 while they are at home. A new environment brings a lot of change. It is best to prepare for the change before it happens.

Let Them Go Part-Time

It will be easier for your child to adjust to daycare if they go part-time. That is why you should have them go to daycare half-day for a few weeks. After that, they can go to daycare for a full day. Additionally, you may want to start using kid’s daycare services in Birmingham, AL, two or three days out of the week before you leave your child there five days a week.

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