Therapy Programs Help Participants End Excessive Alcohol Use and Domestic Violence in Tacoma, WA

Domestic Violence in Tacoma WA is often connected with excessive alcohol use. Men and women who have experienced trouble controlling their rage and lashed out physically at a partner may want to participate in anger management classes and alcohol rehab. In some cases, this is a requirement by the court after charges have been filed.

A Pattern Develops

Domestic Violence in Tacoma WA usually does not involve only one incident. It becomes a pattern over time. The abuser may be sincerely sorry afterward but unable to stop in the future, fueled by intense angry feelings that may not truly be directed at the partner. Alcohol use tends to worsen the situation for these individuals, reducing their self-control even further. It becomes a terrible cycle.

An Arrest by Law Enforcement

Years can go by before the person who drinks and strikes out seeks treatment, and often it happens because of finally being arrested. Neighbors might call the police after hearing alarming sounds coming from next door. The spouse or partner might see this as a time to finally be able to leave without being afraid. A restraining order may be issued. The individual sees his or her life rapidly falling apart and agrees to participate in a treatment program.

Treatment Programs

Treatment programs offered by an organization such as Alternative & Action Counseling can help participants get a handle on why they feel and behave the way they do. They know they are at risk of losing their relationship and that the other person is justified for making plans to end the marriage or domestic partnership. Addressing the two problems is crucial. Trying to stop violent behavior while continuing to drink excessively is a recipe for failure.

Counseling for the Partner

It is advantageous for the spouse or partner to participate in counseling too. This person may have developed depression and chronic anxiety because of living with someone with abusive tendencies. They may even have a certain level of post-traumatic stress if they have been living in this situation for quite some time. These psychological problems may not magically disappear without some therapy.

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