The Two Categories of Vape Mods You Need in Your Wholesale Order

Mods are the most lucrative vapor products your store can sell. They tend to have the highest profit margins, and for most vape stores, they generate the most opportunity for upselling complementary accessories. Their consumable components, like coils and e-liquid, also ensure that you will create a repeat customer after the initial sale. So, it is essential for a successful retailer to ensure consistent mod sales by staying stocked with a variety of mods that appeal to a wide customer base. There are three main categories that mods fall into, and your next wholesale order should include products in each of these groups. By stocking the latest starter kits, and regulated mods, you can keep all of your customers interested and happy.

Starter Mods Should Be a Constant on Your Wholesale Orders

Starter kits may be less expensive mods, but they are the key to growing new customer relationships. The kits are the first step into initiating a customer into the vaping community. Through their friends’ influence and your marketing efforts, they will quickly desire to upgrade their vaping experience with specialty e-liquids and customizable mods. Now, you have a loyal customer that will continue to purchase products from your store.

This profitable consumer relationship starts by helping a potential customer to buy his/her first vape mod. The best way to do this is to offer a wide variety of enticing starter kits. A mix of simple and more advanced mods is a good idea. The less complicated models will appeal to those people who are initially intimidated by all the vaping jargon, (atomizers, rebuilding, ohms, etc.), and the more advanced setups will fascinate customers who are already interested in enhanced vaping, and who want more advanced mods. Starter kits should be your highest selling mods, so you should constantly be adding the newest SKUs to your wholesale order.

Adding the Newest Regulated Mods to Your Wholesale Order Is the Best Way to Keep Customers Happy

Regulated Mods are the most popular setups among vaping enthusiasts. They are technologically advanced and highly customizable. VV/VW producers are racing to create the latest and greatest mod, and your customers are always searching for the freshest innovations. So, you should guarantee they can find it at your store by saving a spot on your wholesale orders for the newest VV/VW mods.

Both categories of mods need to be well-represented in your store if you want to ensure sales across your customer base. Your wholesale orders need to include starter kits, and VV/VW Regulated Mods. Find all the vape mods your store will need from our wholesale supplies catalog.

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