The Three Most Popular Forms Of Hair Extensions In Phoenix

Whether a person receives a lousy haircut or is just looking to obtain greater length without having to wait for natural growth, the use of extensions is a viable option. Extensions come in a variety of styles, and the type used depends on what a person is looking to achieve. The following is a brief overview of the three most popular forms of Hair Extensions in Phoenix and the benefits each type offers as well as a glimpse into the installation process.


One of the oldest forms are those that are sewn in, and they are popular due, in part, to their affordability and the ease with which they are installed and removed. The technician will create small wefts of hair and use thread to attach the extension to the existing hair strand. They may be removed by merely cutting the thread holding them in place, and they should be tightened every three to four months to provide the best visual appearance.

Temporary Clip Extensions

Customers who are looking for a temporary option often choose temporary extensions, as they are incredibly cost-efficient and are simple to install and remove. The hair is attached to a small clip that connects to the hair. Many people apply a dye to the hair before installing the extensions, which creates a contemporary and edgy appearance that is easy to remove when it is no longer desired.

Fusion Extensions

Individuals looking for a more permanent form of Hair Extensions in Phoenix should consider those applied using a hot fusion process. The hair should be thoroughly inspected before installation because, if it is compromised, the best results may not be realized. Fusion extensions are designed to last for up to four months and may be treated and processed just like regular hair.

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