The Simple Process Of Applying For An Ohio Medical Marijuana Card

A reality for many patients managing significant medical and psychological conditions is the overwhelm of keeping track of multiple doctor appointments, consultations, and visits to the lab or clinic.

The thought of having to go for one more appointment with another doctor may initially seem to be challenging, but seeing a medical marijuana doctor in Ohio is a very simple and easy process. Seeing a medical marijuana doctor is the critical step in getting the MMJ card.

Online Telemedicine Appointments

The state of Ohio now allows residents to complete the required doctor consultation for an MMJ card through an online telemedicine appointment. All the individual needs is a device that allows video calls. These devices can include tablets, laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones.

Prior to the appointment with the medical marijuana doctor, the patient completes an online questionnaire. This includes basic information for the patient as well as the identification of one qualifying condition. The intake forms and requested documents are submitted in advance of the virtual appointment to allow the doctor time for review.

A Conversation about Your Health

The appointment allows the medical marijuana doctor to verify qualification and make a recommendation for medical marijuana. The doctor enters patient information into the state registry. The patient then receives an email and link. Clicking on the link brings the patient to a secure page to complete registration and pay the fee to the state. After this is completed, the patient receives an email with a digital card and registry barcode information.

Once the patient receives this digital MMJ card, they can purchase medical marijuana at any dispensary throughout the state.

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