The Importance of Personal Injury Attorneys in New Haven and What They Can Accomplish on Your Behalf

If you have been injured on another person’s property because of their negligence, the effects can be overwhelming; not only physically, but emotionally and economically, as well. You’re bound to feel some insecurity, not knowing the full extent of your injuries and how long they may keep you incapacitated and unable to earn. You may even begin to wonder if you will be able to return to your original line of work if your injuries are serious enough. There is also the anxiety over how you’ll be able to meet your financial obligations and continue to care for yourself and your family. This is the time when you’ll be glad there are personal injury attorneys in New Haven. They will be your voice in all legal proceedings, protecting your rights and bringing all of their resources to bear in an effort to accomplish a positive outcome on your behalf. The process begins with a free initial consultation where you can give your account of the facts and your lawyer will assess your case and determine how best to proceed in order to secure the compensation you are entitled to.

At this point, your attorney will gather a team of legal professionals to begin aggressively building your case; this team may include paralegals, accident investigators, and other experts as needed. Meanwhile he will also pursue negotiations with the insurance company and their representatives in an effort to gain a settlement without the need of going to court. At first this may seem contradictory, but being able to negotiate from a position of strength gives your attorney a major advantage. Few things will prompt an insurance company to negotiate in good faith like an attorney who is well prepared and ready to take his case to trial.

Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys in New Haven know that whatever compensation you receive should do much more than simply cover your medical expenses, and they will work tenaciously to see to it that other factors are taken into consideration as well; factors like pain and suffering, required ongoing treatments or therapies, medications, caregivers, lost wages and possible diminished earning capacity.

Everyone deserves justice and Riefe Tietjen, Attorney at Law will do everything within his power to see to it that your case has a positive result for you.

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