The Greatest Value in High End Jewelry: Lab Grown Diamonds

If you’re in the market for an engagement ring, an anniversary present, or even just a very special treat for yourself, then you know that nothing does the trick quite like a diamond. The problem is that today’s diamond market is rife with ethical concerns and high prices. Traditional diamonds have to be mined from the earth, a process which, unfortunately, has historically involved a great deal of exploitative and abusive labor practices. Moreover, their rarity causes their prices to inflate to astronomical levels. There is, fortunately, an excellent alternative: lab grown diamonds. All the beauty and luster of natural diamonds, with none of the downsides!

Just Like Nature Makes

When many people think of lab grown diamonds, they mistake them for synthetic crystals such as cubic zirconia, which they feel lacks the same luster. But this is a mistake. Lab grown diamonds are not cubic zirconia at all, but real diamonds, molecularly identical to diamonds found in nature, just made via a synthetic process in a laboratory. However, they are actually made in the exact same way that real diamonds are: through intense pressure and heat applied to carbon atoms until they slowly become compacted into the beautiful sparkling gems that we all know and love. The only difference is that, with lab grown diamonds, these conditions of heat and pressure are produced via machines in a laboratory rather than in the depths of the earth!

There’s Really No Comparison

That also means that when you go with lab grown diamonds, you know that the conditions that created them were deeply uniform and consistent. Every diamond produced is produced to exacting standards, with controllable results, so that you never again have to face the prospect of a diamond with some regrettable flaw or insufficient luster. With lab grown diamonds, you know exactly what you’re getting, each and every time.

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