The Developmental Importance Of Puppy Training Classes In Chicago

The old saying states that an old dog can’t learn new tricks, and while that’s not completely true, there is some truth to it. Dogs can be trained at any age, but they learn more rapidly and readily while they are puppies. Like every other social mammalian species, most of what a dog absorbs comes early in their life.

Dogs Learn Quickly While Young

One may wonder why puppy training classes in Chicago are so important, and why dogs learn so easily while they’re young. The main reason is something called brain plasticity. Mammals, in early development, are more easily able to form new brain connections and create neural pathways. One great example of this is how humans learn the language so easily while they’re children, whereas adults have to spend years studying in order to learn a second language. The same concept applies to dogs and their ability to learn and adapt.

Early Training Improves Social Skills

Have a look at wolves in the wilds of North America, or dingoes bouncing around the bushlands of Australia. What do they have in common? The answer is that they all live in packs. Domestic dogs are descended from these animals and still carry the pack mentality with them. This means it is an imperative that they’re socialized from a young age, and are around large groups of other dogs and humans. Puppy Training Classes in Chicago provides this environment to them and gives them a chance to see dogs and humans as part of their extended pack.

A Bit Of Perspective

To put this in perspective, imagine keeping a child from going to school during their developmental years. They never learn how to interact with adults, authority, or with their own peers. They would have a hard, if not impossible, time adapting to the real world and their fellow humans. The same rationale can and should be applied to dogs. Their most important years, socially and psychologically, are very early in life.

If you have a puppy and are looking to have them trained, take a look at website. Puppy training is more than just teaching your dog to sit, lie down, and heel. This training is actually vital to their development and quality of life.

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