The Benefits of Using a Manual Tile Cutter in Burnsville, MN

Anyone who has ever cut tile knows that the job is not an easy one. While some workers claim to prefer using an electric cutter, there are those who strongly prefer using a manual Rubi tile cutter. Here are some of the reasons why this is so.

Extremely Mobile

The mobility of a manual tile cutter cannot be questioned. Since it is untethered by an electrical cord, it can be moved quite easily around the entirety of the tile. When manual tile cutters are used, you are not relegated to only working in one area of the room. You can work anywhere you want, whether it be the garage, a utility room, or any other place you see fit.

Very Practical

Along with being very mobile and easy to use, manual tile cutters are quite practical. Once you are in the groove of working, you do not have to switch up the speed at what you are working or place yourself into odd positions trying to protect the tile. It is just you, the tile, and the tile cutter.


Whenever you are cutting tile, there is the issue of having to deal with dust. This problem is far more significant when using an electric cutter vs a manual cutter. This means that when using a manual Rubi tile cutter, there is far less cleanup required than if you were to use the automated version.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why some people choose a manual tile cutter over an electric model.

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