The Beauty of Glass Art

Most people have seen glass art in West Palm Beach, Fl. It is that beautiful piece of glass that has been molded into a stunning piece of art. Glass art comes in many different shapes and sizes. That is probably what makes glass are in West Palm Beach, FL so special.

History of Glass Art

Glass art was invented by the Phoenicians, but it was the Romans who popularized it. During the Middle Ages, glass art was used by builders of great Gothic cathedrals in the architecture of their churches. During the early 20th century, most glass was mass produced in factories. But by the 1970s, smaller runs of studio glass gave rise to the individual glassblowers who produce magnificent pieces of glass art.

Today, glass art can be seen in fine-art art galleries around the country.

How Glass Art is Made

Glass art is made using different techniques. Artists can use one or multiple techniques to create their works of art.

Just about all handmade glass falls in one of three main categories.

Artwork that is made using hot glass involves molten glass with a temperature around 2000 degrees. This type of glass can be used for glass blowing, sculpting, and casting into molds.

Artwork that is made using warm glass involves heating the glass in a kiln. Some people may call this slump glass.

Cold glass is any glass technique that is not hot. This type of technique is often done along with hot and warm glass.

Glass is a versatile material which can be prodded and molded to create beautiful pieces of art. If you have ever had the pleasure of watching a glassblowing artist create a work of art, then you know why it is so special. The next time you are in the mood for art, seek out a gallery which displays glass are in West Palm Beach, FL. You will be happy you did.

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