Techniques Employed by Rat Control Services in Alexandria, VA

Rats and other rodents are prevalent in woodland environments and cities alike. While they play a valuable role in the right ecosystem, if they find their way into homes intended for human habitation they can quickly become a nuisance and pose serious health concerns. Not only do they destroy property with their sharp, powerful teeth, but they can also pose serious health concerns since many rats and other rodents carry dangerous diseases.

Just about any homeowner who has ever tried to get rid of rats him or herself can attest to the fact that these pests are smarter than they look. As a result, Rat Control Services in Alexandria VA have developed several advanced methods for removing these problem rodents. Read on to learn about a few of them below.

Baiting and Trapping

Most commercially available snap traps and glue boards simply aren’t enough to completely remove a rodent population from a home. They may catch one or two rats, but chances are, the rest of them will learn from these first rats’ mistakes and will avoid the traps. Most professional exterminators prefer to use lethal poisons instead of traps, but the use of poisoned bait isn’t enough on its own and must be combined with other methods for rat control.

Inspection and Exclusion

The first step to preventing rats from entering a home is to determine where they are currently living and how they got in, to begin with. Experienced pest control specialists know what to look for in terms of entry points, which is essential since rats can wind up entering the home through surprisingly small holes. Once all of these potential entrance points have been identified, a pest control expert can take steps toward sealing them such as installing wire mesh or foam.

Remove Attractants

Although it’s nearly impossible to fully eradicate a rodent population without the help of professional Rat Control Services in Alexandria VA, homeowners can take some steps toward preventing future infestations on their own. These include removing attractants such as open garbage and easy to access food and water. These steps may make a home appear less attractive to future rats looking for easy sources of food, but getting rid of an existing rat problem really requires the help of professional rat control experts like those employed by Pest Management Services.

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