Supplies You Need to Replace Walls and Flooring at Your Atlanta Home

If you have the basic skills needed to do some types of repairs and improvements on your home, it can be both rewarding and cost-effective to work on it yourself. For example, when the floors or walls sustain damages in floods or fires, you could do a decent portion of the repair work on your own without having to hire a contractor.Before you start this kind of repair project, however, you need to stock up on supplies that you can find at your local lumber suppliers in Atlanta, GA. These items allow you to repair or replace entire portions of the wall or floor.


One of the most important supplies you need to buy from your area lumber suppliers in Atlanta, GA, is drywall. Drywall is the base for the walls in most homes. It is the innermost material aside from insulation that is installed during the house’s construction.When you are replacing walls, you need to cut out and hang new drywall in the old material’s place. Once the drywall is put in place, you can then secure it with drywall nails, tape, and caulk. It will then be ready to paint over or have sturdier material like wood put over it.


When you are replacing the floor, you may need to put in a base layer of plywood first. Plywood is often the bottom most layer of floor in a place. It provides a sturdy foundation on which other materials like wood, tile, or ceramic can be added.As with drywall, you will need to use small nails, tape, or glue to hold the plywood in place. You can find these extra supplies at your local lumber supply store as well.

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