Stages Involved During Commercial Remodeling in Minneapolis, MN.

A commercial remodel is necessary whenever a building is outdated, deemed unsafe to inhabit, or requires a better flow for productivity reasons. Whatever the case may be, here are the top stages involved when flipping an office building or another commercial center.


In this initial stage, the contractor meets with their client to draw out their design ideas. The contractor will also throw out ideas for maximizing the efficiency of the space.


Once your initial plans are drawn out, next comes the pricing stage for your project. You’ll receive a breakdown of what to expect regarding the entire cost of the project.

Purchasing Stage

Next, your contractor will purchase the necessary building materials along with everything needed to conduct electrical work.

Build, Redesign, and Rebuild

Next comes the complicated part of the project. In this stage, walls are torn down, carpet is removed, and the walls are painted.

Clean-up and Done

One of the best parts about hiring a contractor to conduct your small or large renovation is that they’ll clean up all the debris and dust once they’re done. You’ll return to a newly renovated and spotless office.

Seeking a Contractor for Your Commercial Project?

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