Southern Psychiatry Offers Services for the Entire Family

There are many circumstances under which you or a loved one might need psychiatric care. Choose with confidence Southern Psychiatry, a psychological service in Mobile AL. Our physicians and therapists are skilled and they protect the privacy of their patients.

Our practice treats patients falling into a wide range of categories, including those with anxiety and seasonal affective disorder. We also help patients with mood disorders that include major depression and bipolar disorders (euphoria, mania, hyperactivity, inflated ego and more). The professionals here also see patients with psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia. Another area for treatment is Attention Deficit Disorder.

Our psychological service in Mobile AL helps people of all ages, including children, teens and adults. With well-trained personnel, we can take on many of today’s challenging psychological issues. For example, we can help children, teens, college students and their parents deal with peer pressure, coming of age and academic performance.

We assist people who have addictions. For those with substance abuse, we may prescribe medication as well as counseling. We ussualy choose to use Suboxone, which is a drug with fewer side effects than some other meds used to treat substance abuse. Our staff can also help those who struggle with alcohol addiction.

Perhaps you or someone you care about suffers from PTSD. A relatively new treatment that does not involve conversation or medication focuses on a patient’s rapid eye movements during therapy.

We’re also engaged in group therapy, family counseling, couples counseling and art therapy. Our practitioners carefully evaluate each patient before deciding on a treatment regimen. They are highly qualified with college degrees and certifications from national organizations in their specialty. Contact Southern Psychiatry when you are in need of a psychological service in Mobile Al.

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