Signs Your Home Requires Septic Tank System Services in Magnolia TX

While a concrete septic tank can last as long as forty years, it needs to be properly maintained with Septic Tank System Services in Magnolia TX. Septic tanks need to be pumped and cleaned every two to four years, depending on usage. It is imperative homeowners are able to recognize the signs of problems with their septic tank, so they will know when to seek services.

Signs a Septic Tank Needs Service

There are multiple signs that should alert a homeowner they need to call the professionals for Septic Tank System Services in Magnolia TX. If any of the following are noticed, a homeowner needs to call for service right away.

  • If a homeowner notices there is pooling water in their backyard, this is often a sign the septic tank has become overly full. This is a sign that should never be ignored.
  • Homeowners may also notice their drains are slow to drain and their toilets flush slowly. When multiple drains and toilets are affected, the primary cause is typically the septic tank.
  • Should a homeowner begin noticing sewer smells coming from their drains and toilets or foul odors in their backyard, their septic tank could be to blame.
  • When the grass above the septic tank becomes extremely lush and green, this is a sign the septic tank is leaking into the yard. Getting the septic tank serviced right away is essential.
  • If a homeowner ignores the above signs, they will likely experience a backflow of raw sewage into their drains and toilets. This can sometimes create a huge mess that exposes a homeowner to bacteria and parasites.

The Important of Proper Maintaintenance

It is imperative homeowners understand the importance of proper maintenance for their septic tank system. Seeking maintenance every couple of years will help to protect the septic tank and prevent leaks and overflows.

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