Signs it is Time to Call for Mold Removal Service in Alexandria, VA

There’s a general rule that, if mold is visible, it’s time to have it removed. Unfortunately, mold isn’t always visible, which means there are other criteria to consider when it comes to discussing Mold Removal Service in Alexandria VA.

Some of the signs to look for that indicate there is mold in a home can be found here.

Frequent Water Intrusion or a Water Event

Has there recently been water in the home? Water doesn’t always cause mold growth because the spores have to already be there. However, mold spores are microscopic, which means that a water event is usually a trigger that results in mold being seen or detected.


The majority of molds result in the organic material that the mold is consuming to change colors. It doesn’t matter if the food source for the mold is drywall paper or human food, if colonization persists, there’s going to be some discoloration that reveals the mold issue.

If mold is allowed to grow with no interruption, certain colors are going to appear. In addition to black, mold can be red, brown, white, gray, and even some pastel colors. Mold may also resemble fuzz and dust, while others look like granules of sand. If any of these signs of mold are seen, it’s a good idea to call for Mold Removal Service in Alexandria VA.

A Musty Smell

If there is a musty odor, it could be an indication of mold. There are some molds that are odorous when they colonize. While not all species cause odors, if there is a musty smell along with some of the other signs that have been listed here, a homeowner can safely conclude that mold is the culprit. Even if the mold can’t be seen, it may be necessary to call for remediation services.

If a homeowner finds there is mold in their home, they should not wait to call for service. More information about mold remediation and when it is needed can be found by reaching out to the team at PMSI Mold Treatment Division. Being informed is the best way to handle any mold problem.

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