Sciatica in Wheat Ridge: What to Do When You Are in Pain

The sciatic nerve runs along your lower back and branches into your hips, buttocks, and down into your legs. Pressure or pain on the sciatic nerve can cause various problems. If you feel that you are having issues with sciatica in Wheat Ridge, there are a number of options for treatment.

The Sciatic Nerve and Pain

When the sciatic nerve is pinched or pressured, it can cause severe pain running down your back and leg. Typically, the pain radiates on one side. The pain can feel sharp and staggering, and can even cause numbness. A herniated disc or a narrowed spine will put pressure on the nerve, causing the pain to increase.

Women that are pregnant often experience sciatic nerve pain due to the quickly changing shape of the spine in order to carry a baby. Pregnant women are carrying babies that will increase or cause pressure on their lower backs where the sciatic nerve is located.

Holistic Treatment for Sciatic Nerve Pain

Treatment for pain associated with the sciatica nerve is often holistic in nature and noninvasive. Pain relief is typically treated in a short time span such as a few weeks. If you are experiencing pain associated with sciatica in Wheat Ridge, there are various holistic practitioners that can provide treatment, such as Dr. Jen Hartley. Chiropractic services can realign the spine and relieve the pressure that is currently causing the nerve pain to shoot down your back and into your legs.

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