Reasons Why You Should Take Your Child to a Pediatric Urgent Care

If your child is sick and you are unable to take them to their pediatrician, then you should take them to pediatric urgent care. Urgent care centers are designed to treat minor illnesses and injuries. There are several reasons that you should take your child to an urgent care center.

Expertise in Pediatric Care

Children have different health needs than adults. A treatment that works for a child may not necessarily work for an adult. Pediatric specialists know how to properly manage childhood illnesses and injuries.


Pediatrician’s offices are typically only open Monday through Friday. Your child may have an illness or injury outside of normal business hours. Urgent care centers offer extended hours. They are even open on the weekends. That is why they are a convenient option for getting care.

Appropriate Medication Dosage

Medication affects children differently. Pediatric specialists know what medication they should prescribe and how much they should prescribe. If your child has the right medication with the appropriate dosage, then they will have an easier time recovering from their illness.

Cost-Effective Care

Many people take their children to the emergency room when they cannot get in touch with the pediatrician. However, emergency rooms can be quite expensive. That is why it is best to avoid them unless your child has a life-threatening illness or injury. Urgent care centers are a lot cheaper. You may also be able to get the total cost covered by your insurance.


Emergency rooms have to treat the sickest people first. That is why you may have to wait several hours in the emergency room if your child’s condition is not serious. Urgent care centers can typically treat your child and release them in less than an hour.

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