Reasons to Hire a Pro for Residential Carpet Installation in Houston, TX

Whether homeowners want to replace an old, worn-out carpet or they want to install carpeting in their living rooms, bedrooms, or hallways for the first time, the first choice they must make is whether to attempt the project themselves or hire a flooring contractor who can help. Installing carpet takes less time than installing most hard flooring materials, but that doesn’t mean it’s a suitable DIY project for most homeowners. Read on to find out why it’s usually a better idea to hire a professional for residential carpet installation in Houston, TX.

They Have the Right Tools

Installing a carpet correctly requires a few specialized tools and most homeowners don’t have them on-hand. Carpet installation contractors have access to carpet knives, wall trimmers, top cutters, tack strip cutters, stair tools, power stretchers, knee kickers, and other specialized tools and equipment. They’ll show up with everything they need to finish the job as efficiently as possible.

They’ll Take Less Time

Installing a carpet doesn’t take much time at all if homeowners choose to hire a professional. Those who prefer to take a DIY approach almost always wind up spending days of their time completing jobs that flooring contractors could finish within a few hours. Homeowners who value their time should see why it’s not a worthwhile trade-off.

They’ll Provide Professional Results

Hiring a professional offers a guarantee of quality. Homeowners who don’t know what they’re doing often have problems with corners, stairs, seams, and other tricky areas, but flooring contractors provide consistently professional results. Some even offer warranties to cover materials and workmanship.

They’ll Help with Clean-Up

Replacing an old carpet creates a good deal of waste. The old carpet and its underpad will need to be disposed of, which poses a challenge for homeowners who don’t have access to trucks. Most carpet installation companies offer a full clean-up and waste disposal as a routine part of residential carpet installation in Houston, TX.

The Bottom Line

Hiring a professional flooring contractor to install a new carpet is always the best way to go. Homeowners who want to start their projects off on the right foot can visit ATL Carpet Flooring to learn about one well-respected local company that can help.

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