Reasons to Consider Ammonia Industrial Refrigeration Services

Many industrial applications need large chillers and air conditioning units, and it is very expensive to run a large refrigerant system. For example, you have monthly utility expenses, maintenance and breakdowns sometimes occur at the most inopportune of times. If you must have frequent repairs, you could experience downtime issues which interfere with normal operations. When it’s time to think about industrial refrigeration services, consider the many benefits ammonia systems have to offer.


When compared to HCFC refrigerant systems, ammonia is more effective, because it absorbs heat better. In fact, ammonia is as much as ten percent more efficient in some cooling systems. This can show results in lower energy bills every month.


You’ll notice a significant price difference when you buy ammonia for your refrigeration system. It is much cheaper than HCFC refrigerant products. In some cases, you can save as much as 700 percent on costs from your industrial refrigeration services.

Installing an ammonia system is cheaper because you use smaller pipes. Ammonia does not lose as much heat as Freon does, so there is no need to use larger pipes with many industrial applications.

Moisture Contamination Issues

Ammonia systems will not freeze up with minimal moisture contamination. However, water contamination is often a real problem with HCFC systems.


You can utilize hydrocarbon based lubricants in an ammonia based system with no problems. If tiny amounts of lubricant get into the ammonia, it releases the lubricant as it enters the refrigeration evaporator unit and will come out with the drain water.


Ammonia is a natural refrigerant. In other words, it does no damage to the atmosphere. This is a significant factor for any company concerned about EPA regulations. Each year, American industry must deal with additional rules about environmental issues. Because ammonia is pure, it is an Eco-friendly choice from your local industrial refrigeration services.

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