Reasons a Person with Missing Teeth Should Visit a Dental Office in Evanston

Anyone who has missing teeth should consider visiting a Dental Office Evanston for a consultation about their dental issues. In the past many people avoided seeing a dentist about missing teeth issues because they did not want to deal with the issues replacement teeth could create. Today there are treatments, which can eliminate many of these issues and still offer a patient replacement teeth.

One of the main treatment options a dentist will suggest to a patient with missing teeth is dental implants. Dental implants can offer a patient replacement teeth, which can greatly enhance their appearance. While other replacement teeth can provide this benefit, often their design can create pain and discomfort in the patient’s mouth. Dental implants do not do this.

A dental implant is designed in much the same way a patient’s natural teeth were. The dentist will surgically implant a metal rod into the patient’s jawbone. This rod is then left in place for a period of months so the jawbone and the rod can fuse together. When this is accomplished, the dentist will have a stable and strong foundation where replacement teeth can be attached. This process is similar to the way the root and jawbone in the mouth interact with one another.

A professional from a Dental Office Evanston will then be able to custom create replacement teeth from impressions taken of the patient’s existing teeth. By doing this the new teeth will fit in perfectly in the mouth and will not look out of place. The dentist will also pay attention to the color of the patient’s teeth to ensure the new teeth blend in well. View website for more info.

These replacement teeth are then permanently affixed to the rods already in place in the mouth. Once this is completed, the patient’s new teeth will be complete. With this type of dental replacement treatment, the patient’s new teeth will feel and look more natural. This can make it easier for the patient to speak and eat normally. This can be a great benefit for anyone who has been having issues in these areas due to the loss of their teeth. For more information, please visit the Stephens Dentistry website.

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