Radiation Shielding In Construction Materials

There are different options for areas of a hospital, doctor’s office, dental clinic, or a veterinary hospital or clinic to use for effective radiation shielding. In most of these types of applications, the level of radiation is very low, so there so need for thick lead plates or the use of lead bricks.

All rooms or areas where radiation is in use must comply with specific standards. These standards are governed by federal and state building codes that ensure protection for visitors, employees, and others in the areas where radiation is in use. Most commonly, this is rooms with x-ray systems and equipment in place.

Construction Materials That Meet Federal Standards

When choosing lead-lined gypsum board or lead-lined plywood for radiation shielding materials in new construction or for upgrades or renovations to existing offices and rooms, it is essential to use a product that meets the required federal standards.

These standards are not just for the ability of the products to protect against exposure to radiation outside of the immediate area, but also to provide the necessary fire code material standards.

Both lead-lined gypsum and lead-lined plywood come in a range of standard sheet sizes and thicknesses and can be used in place of standard construction material. The lead-lining on the back of the gypsum board and plywood provides the level of radiation shielding required. A batten strip and lead angles can be used to secure the boards in place, providing full coverage over all surfaces and adding to the ease of installation.

There is even the option to add windows to the room. Lead x-ray glass and specially designed frame systems can be used in conjunction with the lead-lined construction materials to provide full radiation protection and containment based on the specific equipment in use.

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