Questions To Ask A Financial Advisor In Greenville, SC

There are some exceptional financial advisors in the Greenville, SC, area. Matt Dixon is a Registered Financial Consultant with a focus on helping people of all ages to create retirement planning and investment strategies that work for their current and future financial needs.

According to professionals like Matt Dixon, choosing a financial advisor is not just about doing an online search and choosing the top name on the results page. This is really developing a partnership with a professional who will work with you throughout your working years and beyond to assist in building wealth.

To get started, Matt Dixon recommends asking the following questions to any financial advisor.

  • What is your experience? – it is important to work with a financial advisor that has experience in assisting people at all stages of life in preparing for their retirement. The closer you are to retirement when you start saving, the more important the experience of the financial advisor.
  • What are your professional qualifications? – there are different types of professionals who provide financial information on retirement planning. Choosing a Registered Financial Consultant ensures the individual has the experience and expertise needed to create an effective retirement plan.
  • What is your process? – The financial advisor should offer a clear process to assist you in setting goals, evaluating options, and determining an effective and workable retirement plan.

Some financial advisors offer training programs and free consultations. These are both helpful tools to evaluate the professional and help you to make a choice.

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