Questions and Answers About Air Conditioning Repair in Neenah WI

When someone owns an air conditioner, it is obviously very important that the unit is well-maintained and kept free from damage, However, they may not know the hows and whys of the repair process and exactly just how important Air Conditioning Repair in Neenah WI really is. Here are some questions with their respective answers on the subject.

Q: Is preventive maintenance really all that important?

A: No matter what type of mechanical equipment is being discussed, it is designed to operate efficiently within pre-defined limits. If the air conditioning unit is not properly maintained, the unit will be subject to earlier breakdowns than are naturally anticipated and the entire lifespan of the unit will be shortened. If the preventive maintenance schedule is not adhered to, the resulting repairs could be very costly and the warranty on the unit may even be voided in certain instances.

Q: Is it really necessary to replace the air filters so frequently?

A: This is a definite yes and one of the top reasons why Air Conditioning Repair in Neenah WI is often necessary. One of the main functions of an air conditioning unit is to let air pass through it, with most of that air passing over the internal coil. When the filters are not cleaned and changed on a regular basis, they become covered in filth which means the coil is also going to become covered in filth. The result of all of this is the unit is going to be working much harder at cooling the space than it was actually designed to do. This obviously leads to the breakdown of the unit and makes it necessary for otherwise unnecessary repairs.

Q: Why must the refrigerant charge be monitored?

A: The reason why it is necessary is that a charge that is working under capacity can ruin its compressor by one of either two ways. The unit can ice-up due to low-pressure conditions which result in liquid slugging. The second way the compressor can fail is by there not being enough refrigerant vapor to ensure the motor windings are cooled. This scenario can burn the motor out very quickly.

Contact Bob’s Quality Heating And Cooling if the air conditioner is found to be in need of repair or even to ask about more preventive maintenance advice. A trained technician can answer any questions which may be asked.

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