Protect Your Home when You Purchase Insurance from a Trustworthy Agency

When it comes to your home you want to make sure there is enough coverage to protect belongings, your home, and valuables in case of an accident. From theft to a natural disaster you want to have peace of mind in knowing that your property is well-protected. Insurance will not only cover your home, but any accidents that may happen where you could be liable. That is why when you search for home insurance in Stony Plain, it is best to find an agency that has the reputation of providing their clients with excellent service. One that will go out of their way to find you quality coverage at a reasonable rate.

Factors that can Affect Your Home Insurance Premium

  • It will depend on the type of construction your home is and how old the home is. A newer home will be in better shape than an older one, making the newer home’s insurance rates lower. A dwelling that is built from concrete, brick, or stones will be cheaper than a home built from wood because wood is more flammable.
  • If you have never had to file a claim your coverage can be cheaper. The more claims you file the higher your insurance will cost.
  • Where the home is located can affect the policy. A home that is located in a high risk area for disasters such as tornadoes or wildfires will have a higher rate than one that is within five miles of a fire station.
  • Items such as trampolines and swimming pools along with dogs that are known to be aggressive can cause insurance to rise as well.
  • Your credit score will affect how much your coverage will be. A person with a good credit score is seen as a lower risk than someone with bad credit.

Have Your Coverage Custom Created to Fit Your Home

You should find a reputable insurance agency that will provide you with a policy that meets your needs. Do not pay for excessive coverage that you will not need. You should speak with a qualified agent that can help you determine which coverages are important to your home. They will have the knowledge to find all the discounts they can to help lower your premium. From a new home to mortgage free discounts, there is a variety available to homeowners. Contact an agency that strives to provide their clients with exceptional customer service.

Patti-Lou Cumby Insurance Brokers Inc. provides home insurance in Stony Plain. Contact their friendly staff to discover how they can begin to protect your home today.

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