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Professional Services Provided by Air Conditioning Repair Specialists in Richmond, KY

Heat and air conditioning are a vital part of the upkeep of one’s household. Heating and air conditioning units not only control the temperature inside of the house, but they regulate and maintain good indoor air quality, which helps prevent sickness throughout the household. It is important to do regular checks and maintenance on the unit. Proper maintenance ensures that one does not spend an arm and a leg when problems do occur with the unit, and it also keeps the unit from having to be replaced prematurely.


air conditioning repair in Richmond KY – helps confirm that you have a fully functional air and heating unit regardless of the season. It is important for the air conditioner to function properly at all times to help bring fresh air into the home and to ventilate properly. Proper ventilation aids in keeping the humidity out of the room and keeping the room cool. Poor air circulation caused by a malfunctioning unit will increase the pollutants in the room. One may not always be able to tell when these instance are occurring, but over time one will notice. Symptoms as nose and eye irritation, even leading to respiratory problems or asthma, will increase. During the colder months, the stale air can prove to be a breeding ground for different viruses and the common cold.

Air conditioning repair in Richmond, KY can also help determine whether one’s unit needs to be replaced or simply repaired. One can save a lot of money by addressing an issue in the heating and air conditioning unit immediately when there is a chance of it being fixed instead of having to replace the whole unit. Simple changes such as fixing or replacing fans or filters can be as economical as only having to spend two or three hundred dollars. However, when one is negligent of such repairs, it can cause the whole system to fail. Now, Air conditioning repair in Richmond, KY covers replacing units when needed, but the cost can run upwards of one thousand dollars for a complete unit. For more information on air and heating units and the services that accompany them, visit Jones Heating & Cooling, Inc.

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