Professional Elevator Services in Washington DC Keep Equipment Running Smoothly

Elevator Services in Washington DC complete a variety of tasks for commercial, residential and institutional buildings. They install new systems, modernize older ones and repair elevators that are malfunctioning or have broken down. They also provide routine maintenance service.

The work of these technicians, along with improvements in manufacturing over the years, has made the equipment incredibly safe. However, building owners and managers still must schedule regular maintenance with a company like Elevator Technologies Inc. and address signs of problems promptly.

Elevator and Escalator Safety

When people must decide between an elevator and escalator, many prefer the escalator because it’s out in the open. They don’t like being stuck in a little room moving up and down in an elevator shaft, especially when several other people are in there too. There’s a bit of claustrophobia in many people’s psychological makeup. If they don’t ride elevators regularly, they understandably feel a bit nervous.

However, statistics verify that injuries are significantly more likely to occur on escalators. That’s not because of malfunctions but because people are not careful enough. For instance, they start climbing the stairs or walking down them instead of being patient and simply riding along. This sort of behavior isn’t possible in an elevator.

Maintaining a Level of Caution

Even with an elevator car, though, people must maintain a certain level of caution. It’s possible for an elevator cab to stop an inch or two uneven with the floor. When a person doesn’t pay attention, it’s easy to trip and even fall. The injury technically is caused by the elevator, since everyone expects it to be level with the floor. Nevertheless, the person who didn’t see the problem must accept some responsibility.

The Importance of Prompt Repair Work

When this problem occurs, an employee should notify a supervisor or manager. They can contact the right employee to, in turn, contact Elevator Services in Washington DC for adjustment work on the equipment. This type of issue should not be ignored because it can begin to happen more frequently and more dramatically. Building managers that need elevator service may visit the website of one particular company.

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