Preparing Your Child for Their First Dental Visit

Even before your child has teeth that break through the gums, you can visit a pediatric dentist. As your child gets older, it can be easier for them to develop a relationship with the dentist so that they want to go on their own when they’re older. Here are a few things that you can usually expect at the first visit.


Morning appointments are sometimes better for visiting a dentist for kids near Eastvale because children are fresh and awake instead of waiting until the end of the day when they might be tired after playing. Talk to your child before the appointment so that they know what they might see and what the tools might feel like that are used.


During the first visit to a dentist for kids near Eastvale, your child will usually be able to talk to the staff and the dentist. There could be a television or toys to keep your child occupied. An X-ray of your child’s mouth could be taken to check the development of the teeth. The hygienist will take the time to explain how the teeth are brushed with the utensils and what to expect at the next visit, especially if any fillings or sealants need to be performed.

Oral Care at Home

One way to make your child’s dental appointment a bit easier is by practicing good hygiene at home. Teach your child to brush their teeth at least twice a day and to floss at least once a day. Talk about foods that are bad for the teeth as well, such as candy and sweets.

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