Preparing for Tenting Termite Control in NYC

Do you have termites in your home? Has the problem gotten so bad your home needs to be tented for a full extermination? If so, do you know what you have to do to prepare your home for the tenting process? The company providing termite control in NYC will require you to take some steps to prepare for the tenting, and below, you will find out what you need to do.

Remove the Food

All of the food, whether open, new, refrigerated or frozen should be removed from your home. Ask a neighbor or family member if you can store your food at their home during the tenting.

Remove the Houseplants

Houseplants will not do well if left inside the home during the tenting. Not only will they be exposed to the chemicals used to kill the termites, but they will be kept from the sunlight needed to thrive. If the outdoor temperature is safe for your plants, simply move them outside into the yard during the tenting. If the temperatures are too low or too high for the plants to do well, store them at a friend’s or family member’s for the days the house is tented.

Alert the Utility Companies

Let your electric and gas suppliers know your house is going to be tented for extermination. These companies may choose to disconnect service to the home while the home is filled with the chemicals. Therefore, inquire about the company’s procedures which must be followed for your safety and the safety of your neighbors.

Reserve a Hotel Room

You will not be able to return to your home for a day or two after the tenting process is complete. Booking a hotel in advance will help ensure you have a place to stay while the tenting is completed.
If you need termite control in NYC to beat the termites infesting your home, contact business name to find out what else should be done to prepare your home and your family for the extermination process. Being prepared ahead of time will take some of the stress out of your situation.

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