Premier Eye Care Clinic Offers Telehealth Virtual Care in Jacksonville, FL

Taking care of your eyes is important especially if one has certain health conditions that may cause a serious eye problem down-the-road. One premier eye clinic now offers convenient and safe telehealth virtual care in Jacksonville, FL.

Make Contact With Your Eye Specialist Without Having to Leave Home

In todays uncertain times, keeping up with all of your family’s medical appointments and health concerns can be a challenge in itself. Putting the risks of contracting COVID-19 into this equation just makes things seem even more stressful. Now, patients can make contact with their familiar eye specialist without having to leave home as an added bonus. Many of the eye surgeons and other eye specialists have made keeping up with your eye care easy and stress-free. Simply setup an appointment through the new telehealth virtual care with a Jacksonville, FL, eye specialist today.

Find Out About the New Safety Protocols One Eye Center Now Boasts

Those with ongoing or new eye problems often are afraid to make an eye specialist appointment due to their concerns about catching the virus now sweeping the world. Patients at one eye center can relax with the new safety protocols that are now in place to protect both patients and staff. Everyone will have their temperature screened by a trained healthcare professional before entering the patient waiting area.

Is It Time to Schedule Your Next Eye Appointment?

Don’t miss out on anything due to an eye problem. Contact Florida Eye Specialists at

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