Pest Exterminators in Gig Harbor Wa for Mouse Control Methods that Work

When mice decide to make a household their home, the people who reside there may have an unmanageable problem without Pest Exterminators in Gig Harbor Wa. Mice are hard to get rid of once they’ve made a full-fledged invasion. Professional assistance is needed in these cases.

Mouse Control

Mice are spotted most often in a home when the weather is cold. They prefer to live in warm habitats and travel up to half a mile to find a warm place. Eliminating rodents from a home is necessary because they can carry diseases that are a threat to health.

Mice can squeeze through very small entry points. Barricading their entry points is a start for keeping them out and reducing numbers. The spaces they get through are sealed out by Pest Exterminators in Gig Harbor Wa.

The next step in mouse control is to locate all nests and get rid of them. They nest in areas that are undisturbed. While nests are being eliminated, the family living in the home should make sure mice have no access to food sources. This makes the living space much less desirable and they’ll seek refuge elsewhere.

Mice are nocturnal, so some families may have a full blown infestation and never see one. They are good at hiding quickly when they hear noise or see someone.

What a Homeowner can do in Addition to Mice Control

The best treatment method to repel mice is prevention. Along with the professional work of an exterminator, the homeowner can get repairs on the home when needed, and actively use preventive techniques. Interior and exterior damages to a building can give them easy access. Sheet metal is a good barrier for them. This is one material they cannot get past or chew through.

Steel wool is another barrier to mice. Holes of any size can be filled with steel wool so they can’t gain access. Cardboard boxes can be a problem. Cardboard is a useful material for their nests. If possible, remove cardboard from their reach.

Mouse traps do work to reduce the numbers of mice. Mouse traps can be found in the store, and it’s up to the buyer to use a humane mouse trap. Instructions for making a homemade humane mouse trap can be found on the internet.

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