People Experiencing Chronic Neck Pain in Renton, WA May Try Chiropractic Care Before Choosing Surgery

People who have been experiencing debilitating neck pain after an accident may eventually start thinking about surgery. If they have not yet tried any alternative therapies, they may want to seek chiropractic treatment before taking the more drastic step of an operation. When it comes to Neck Pain Renton WA, chiropractors often can help their patients achieve remarkable relief.

A Complementary Approach

Many pain management experts believe that a complementary or integrated approach is most effective. That means combining conventional medical approaches with therapies such as acupuncture, massage, or chiropractic care. For Neck Pain Renton WA, residents may still choose to take prescription pain relief medication when necessary and want to try corticosteroid injections offered by a medical doctor. At a chiropractic pain management center, the patient may receive spinal adjustments, decompression treatment, and therapy using electronic nerve stimulation equipment.

Time Frame for Conservative Methods

Orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons both perform neck surgery to relieve pain. They generally recommend that patients wait at least six months before deciding to have an operation. This gives the person plenty of time to have several chiropractic sessions and see whether the various types of therapy provided there make a positive difference.

Keeping Doctors in the Loop

The patient should have this information included in his or her medical records so the doctors know that chiropractic treatment is being pursued. Some medical doctors and surgeons support alternative treatments and some are skeptical. Either way, the practitioners will want to know whether the patient experiences satisfactory results with spinal manipulation and other complementary strategies. Go to website for more information.

Improving Quality of Life

Chiropractic care for Neck Pain has the potential to greatly improve the patient’s quality of life and restore function. Severe, chronic neck pain can be disabling and prevent someone from working and being physically active. These individuals may be uncomfortable no matter whether they are sitting, standing, or lying down. Even trying to spend 30 minutes sitting at the computer may be practically impossible. With a clinic such as Rebound Sports Med in Renton WA, the patient typically begins experiencing some relief within a day or two after the first session.

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