Options To Consider In Dental Foot Controls

In medical and dental offices and patient care areas, controls for various pieces and types of equipment can be through hand controls or through those operated by the touch of a foot. Dental foot controls come in several different models and options to allow for a variety of applications with the same foot control.

The benefit of choosing the right dental foot control system is that it is very simple to use. This is critical in offices where multiple hygienists and dentists are using equipment in different patient rooms. Using the identical dental foot controls throughout the office allows any staff member to sit down with a patient and be able to have full control over equipment without having to familiarize themselves with each room.

Basic Controls

The basic foot control, also known as standard dental foot controls, use an actuating valve that responds to any pressure on the pad of the foot control. The pressure can be applied anywhere on the pressure sensitive pad to control the devices connected, including dental chair positioning.

These types of controls, as with the more advanced types of foot controls, are made in a variety of color and finish options. In dental offices, white with chrome, pewter or silver are very popular, but so are gray controls with chrome or antique white color options.

More Advanced Models

For more than one type of equipment control through dental foot controls, using a device that allows for the user to toggle on and off for water and air, allowing for a single control for multiple options. The ease of turning on or off water combined with the responsiveness of the foot control makes them an ideal option for a compact and efficient area of operation around the patient’s chair.

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