Options In Pouch Packaging Designs

A quick trip to the grocery store will demonstrate the range of different types of pouches used in a wide variety of products. This can include everything from frozen foods to dry goods and from snacks to pet foods.

The type of pouch packaging selected for products is all a part of branding and marketing. Companies often spend a considerable amount of time in market research and in focus groups to determine which types of bags and packaging options are the best for their particular product or products.

Marketing Considerations

The choice of pouch design isn’t just a factor of consumer preferences of cost-effectiveness, it is also a marketing decision. Some types of pouch packaging are suited only for specific types of display, which can limit or enhance product visibility and placement.

For example, a stand-up pouch will have a flat bottom and will taper to the top closure. This allows the item to be stacked on the shelf, allowing for unlimited options for marketing on displays and in the aisles.

On the other hand, some pouches or bags may be flat and will have a hole punched in the top after the seal is completed. This allows these bags to be placed on pegs or hangers for display. Often this is the case with luncheon meats or cheeses, providing easy visibility in refrigeration units. However, these packages are difficult to stock on shelves, which can limit their marketing and promotion in a grocery or convenience store.

Resealable or Not

In addition to the shape of pouch packaging options, manufacturers also have to determine if the bags will be resealable or not. Zip top or press to close types of packaging are very popular when only a portion of the product is used at one time.

You will find these types of resealable bags with food mixes, deli or processed meats and cheeses and with snack types of foods such as trail mix, nuts or chips. These bags can come in a variety of styles including the stand up or punched types of hanging hole options.

Slider pouches are another option. These have a distinctive tab to pull across the zip top closure. Often with food items, the slider will be sealed into the packaging to provide a safe and sanitary food storage method.

Non-resealable types of bags and pouches are the lowest cost option to produce. They are also less prone to sealing problems and can be produced at a slightly higher bag per minute rate than resealable types of packaging.

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