Off Campus Housing in USF 101: Roommate Conflict Resolution

Throughout the course of your four years in college, you’re bound to meet some interesting people. They can become your friends, mentors, or great study buddies. However, one person you should focus on developing a genuine relationship with is your roommate. While conflicts are bound to come up, how you handle them can strengthen or crumble your relationship with this person.

Find Common Ground

Establish some common interests to break into the friendship barrier. This can allow you to communicate better and with ease!

Refrain from Using or Taking Their Things

When you’re sharing a space with someone, it can be tempting to take something they left out in the public area. However, do not take anything of theirs without permission. This can include clothes, shoes, electronics, and food.

Be Honest and Open

When first moving in, make sure to have a conversation about what is and isn’t okay in the apartment. How late can guests be over? How loud can you each play your music? It’s important to set up some house rules at the beginning so that you both feel respected down the line when an argument does come up.

Finding Off Campus Housing in USF

Roommate resolution is critical. But finding a space where you feel comfortable and safe is just as crucial. You’ll have many options but living off-campus has many benefits. It’s a lot more private, and often more cost-effective than opting for a dorm. If this sounds ideal to you, but you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of properties in the area, contact Lark on 42nd. You can learn more about their amenities and floorplans by logging onto their website.

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