Northbrook Family Law Firm Helps Clients Understand Child Support Cases

One of the most important individuals that is affected by a divorce is a child. If you are getting divorced in the state of Illinois and live in the Northbrook area, you need to speak with the Northbrook family law firm of Michael C. Craven to get all the latest information on the laws in Illinois regarding children affected by divorce and child support.

Who is Required to Pay Child Support in Illinois?

The non-custodial parent in Illinois, which is the one the children don’t live with, is the one who must pay child support according to the laws of the state. The custodial parent, or the parent that the children legally reside with, can ask for the non-custodial parent to provide child support based on the state requirements in effect at the time of the divorce.

According to the rules in Illinois, the payments for child support are based on each child getting a percentage of the non-custodial parent’s salary at a minimum. The least the law says must be paid is 20 percent for one child, for two children they would pay at least 28 percent, 32 percent for three, and it goes up to 50 percent pay for six or more children.

Northbrook Family Law Firm Explains Child Support Specifics

While the laws seem clear cut, exceptions are made and each case is different. The Northbrook family law firm of Michael C. Craven can help you to understand your own case better. Regulations are sometimes modified depending on the specific circumstances of the divorce case and the best interests of the couple’s children.

For instance, child support is paid after consideration of things like payroll taxes and union dues, along with required payments such as debts, obligatory retirement contributions, medical bills and health insurance, or any other financial responsibilities.

Illinois Department of Health and Family Services Control Child Support

The Department of Health and Family Services office is in charge of managing child support payments. However, if you are not getting the required court ordered child support payments, make an appointment with the Northbrook Family Law firm of Michael C. Craven to learn what options are available to you. If necessary, they will help you get the case taken to court to get you the payments you, and your child, are owed.

Michael C. Craven has years of experience handling family law cases in Illinois and can give you the up to date advice on paying or seeking child support. The staff at the Northbrook family law firm are responsive to your needs and questions. Just give his office a call or go to their website and set up an appointment today and get fast, helpful and current information on child support and other family law rules and regulations.

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