Mold Prevention Tips From Plumbers in Gig Harbor, WA

Although keeping the bathroom clean is important, that step alone won’t prevent the growth of mold. When mold grows, it’s an indication of high humidity rather than a lack of cleanliness. Because the bathroom is one of the home’s most humid areas, it’s the perfect place for mold to grow. Below, homeowners will find several tips on preventing the growth of mold.

Ensure Adequate Ventilation

The first way to prevent mold and decrease humidity is to use a fan. When properly installed, a vent fan will pull the moisture from the air and force it outside. Plumbers in Gig Harbor WA can recommend fans that are powerful enough for any space. Be sure to run the fan during showers and baths and for at least a half-hour afterward.

Pick Up a Squeegee

Most people would probably be surprised to hear that special shower-cleaning squeegees exist. These are specifically designed to be used on shower floors and walls. While it doesn’t seem like the most exciting thing to do after every shower, it will drastically cut the level of moisture in the bathroom.

Fix Leaks Right Away

Along with the moisture from the sink and the shower, water may accumulate when there’s a plumbing leak. It’s important to address these problems as soon as possible no matter how tempting it may be to put it off until later. Call Plumbers in Gig Harbor WA for fast, professional leak detection and repair.

Keep Rugs and Towels Dry and Clean

Bathroom rugs, bath mats, and towels are havens for mold, particularly when they’re not washed regularly. This fix is relatively easy-;simply wash everything at least once a week. By doing laundry weekly, it’s easy to keep the bathroom free of mold.


It’s easier to prevent the growth of mold than it is to get rid of it once it has started. Remove moisture from the air and make an effort to keep the room as clean as possible. If, after looking for mold and following these steps, there’s still a problem, it’s best to call the pros. Visit the website for more details or call today to schedule service.

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