Managing A Premise Liability Case With Personal Injury Lawyers In Olympia, WA

In Washington, premise liabilities occur if a property owner doesn’t repair their property promptly. Common conditions could produce visitor or customer-related injuries. Any owner who knew about the condition and didn’t at least warn visitors is liable for any injuries sustained. Personal injury lawyers in Olympia WA provide legal help for victims of the accidents.

Identifying the Dangerous Condition

The residential or commercial property must be meet building code requirements. A dangerous condition in or around any property is identified by the potential risk to visitors. For example, chemical spills inside shopping centers, damaged parking lots, and uneven flooring are conditions that could lead to injuries. The dangerous condition that caused the victim’s injuries must be listed in the legal claim.

Signs and Warnings

The property owner must set up signs or warnings around dangerous areas of their property. Residential property owners must inform their visitors of any hazard that could produce an injury. If signs are warnings weren’t available before the visitor’s accident, the property owner is liable for all expenses connected to the injury.

The Responsibilities of the Property Owner

The property owner must assess their property regularly for hazards. In premise liability cases, the potential for a legal claim isn’t restricted to commercial properties only. A service worker who must enter the exterior of a residential property could sue the owner if they fall and become injured. The owner must maintain the property and eliminate any hazard they should be aware of.

What is the Potential Outcome?

Premise liabilities are based on economic damages most often. The victim seeks damages for their medical expenses and lost wages. However, if he or she dies due to their injuries, their family or an estate administrator could seek other financial damages.

In Washington, premise liabilities could occur in commercial or residential properties. The liabilities are based on a failure to warn visitors about hazards or to correct dangerous conditions. The legal claim must show that the owner knew about the hazard and failed to take action. Victims of a premise liability are encouraged to contact Personal Injury Lawyers in Olympia WA or visit our website for more details now.

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