Making the Wisest Decision about Flat Roof Repair Materials in Atlanta

As the owner of a commercial building, it is up to you to ensure its integrity and value. You are responsible for making timely repairs and replacing materials that wear out and no longer serve the purpose.

When you need to have the rooftop of your building repaired, you want to discover all of your Atlanta flat roof repair options. You can make the best decision for your building by learning the perks of each choice of repair material.


Foam is one of the most available Atlanta flat roof repair options for commercial buildings. It is easy to apply to flat roofs because it does not run off the sides as it would a slanted rooftop. It can be sprayed and spread evenly so that the final result is uniform and visually appealing.

Foam is also one of the most energy efficient materials with which you can cover your roof. It absorbs heat and sunlight without causing the interior of the building to become too hot or humid. You could notice that your heating and air conditioning bills become more affordable in a matter of weeks after the foam roofing is installed.


Rubber is another material that goes well on flat roofs. It too is energy efficient and easy to apply to this kind of roof. It can be spread as thick or as thin as you need to get the desired results for your building.

Rubber holds up well in all types of weather from the coldest of winter winds to the heaviest of rain and hail. It withstands abuse from flying debris and animals like squirrels scampering across the rooftop without succumbing to damages like holes, cracks or tears.

You can find out more about Atlanta flat roof repair online. Contact C.L. Burks Commercial Roofing.

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