Lose A Loved One? A Wrongful Death Lawyer In Olympia Can Help

Losing a loved is a devastating experience, and it is worse when they’re taken away by someone’s negligence. The only way to hold the negligent party responsible is by filing a wrongful death lawsuit against them. A spouse, state-registered domestic partner, children, or stepchildren can sue on behalf of their loved one. The first step one of these individuals should do is contact a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Olympia for a free consultation to discuss the case.

If the deceased has no spouse, state-registered domestic partner, children, or stepchildren, their parents or siblings can sue on their behalf. A personal representative of the estate can bring a lawsuit again the negligent party. Money that is received from a settlement will be disbursed per the person’s last wishes in their will.

Types Of Expenses That Can Be Recovered

Attempting to recover expenses alone is difficult. When you hire an attorney, they will fight for funeral and burial costs and medical bills leading up to the person’s death. The emotional pain, and physical suffering the individual endured before their death and a survivor’s emotional pain and suffering can be compensated. The loss of income the loved one would have earned can be paid to a partner or dependent. The loss of personal property, care, and companionship can be included in a wrongful death claim.

The relationship to a victim will determine which damages an individual is entitled to receive. Discussing the case with a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Olympia will provide an individual with all the information they need.

Paying An Attorney

When a wrongful death case is filed, no one will have to pay the attorney out of their own money. The attorney will receive compensation at the end of the case if they win money for the party. This will be discussed during a free consultation to review the case.

A wrongful death attorney understands how difficult this time of your life can be with grief. They will take care of the legal aspects of winning a case while family members spend their time embracing the life of their deceased loved one.

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