Let a Residential Roofing Contractor Meridian ID Do an Inspection

Home ownership is a wonderful thing, but along with it comes the responsibility for maintaining all aspects of the house, including the roof. While a roof, for the most part, doesn’t require much in maintenance, it still needs to be inspected from time-to-time. A Residential Roofing Contractor Meridian ID can perform an inspection to determine if a roof is sound. If any repairs need to be made, Gem State Roofing can take care of them for you.

The Lifespan of a Roof

A roof covers a building to keep it protected from the outside weather. The average roof can last for about 15 or more years depending on the type of material it’s constructed from. Outside environmental factors can also have an effect on how long a roof lasts, including weather issues such as ice, snow, hail, wind, rain, and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Roof Inspection

A roof should be inspected yearly or after any severe weather passes through, such as a storm with strong gusty winds or hail. Shingles that have loosened up can allow water to get under the surface layer which could damage the substructure over time. During a roof inspection, a Residential Roofing Contractor Meridian ID will check to ensure that none of the shingles are missing or have pulled loose, as well as look for damage, such cracks, tears or erosion that could reduce the effectiveness of the roof. Along with checking the shingles, the inspector will make sure that the flashing, turbines, and gutters are tightly in place and in good working order.

Repair or Replace?

If any problems were noted during the inspection the roofing contractor will discuss the options for correcting what’s wrong. Any damaged, missing or broken shingles should be replaced, however, if a roof is old and the damage has affected more than 50% of the surface layer, it may need to be replaced altogether. The best advice would be to consider the cost of making repairs, and if the cost is high, it may make more sense financially to do a roof replacement instead.

Taking care of a roof can extend its longevity and save money over time. A roof that is doing its job effectively can provide protection against the forces of Mother Nature which can often be quite unpredictable. For more information regarding roofing, please Click Here.

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