Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

One powerful form of spider vein treatment is laser which is growing popular with consumers afflicted with this unsightly medical condition. As technology advances steadily over time, more advanced laser treatments on varicose or spider veins are becoming readily available.

Radial Laser Treatment

One of the more advanced laser treatments that which is becoming widely applied on spider veins is the Radial Laser vein ablation; it replaces the previous linear laser ablation. RLVA is an effective scar free laser treatment for spider veins which could be administered without general anesthesia. There is minimal patient discomfort after treatment which allows the patients to carry on normal routines almost immediately.

Previous linear laser ablation treatment inflicted intense pain on the patient for over a week with less effective results. Radial laser is recorded with close to 100% success rate through its simple procedure of inserting a thin laser fiber optic catheter into the affected vein to deliver the laser into the lumen of the vein.

The positive results from this laser treatment for spider veins look promising enough to formulate the major breakthrough in phlebology. The highly focused laser beam must be carefully directed by trained and competent medical practitioners to be effective without damaging the vein as the laser heat could cause tissue scars. This would close the vein totally to cause a loss of blood supply over time and dies. The dead vein would disappear in a couple of years.

Every form of laser vein treatment must be aptly administered by trained, qualified and skilled medical practitioner who knows the subject inside out with experience on the latest laser treatment options available to patients. Although laser treatment is easily activated on the outside of the skin to treat spider veins, an incompetent practitioner could cause more damage to the skin inside out.

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