Keep Your Brushes and Rollers Dry and Free of Dirt When Painting

When you’re painting large areas in your home or in a business, a brush or a roller might be the best tool to use in order to cover the largest surface area. Instead of dipping these tools into the paint, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that you achieve even coating without damaging the paint brushes and rollers you use. After the tools have been used a few times and appear to be coated with paint, you want to clean them and use new ones until the others are dry.


After you’ve used your rollers several times and notice paint on the edges, trim them with a pair of scissors. When the edges are removed, it can prevent uneven marks from appearing on the surface you’re painting.

Small Brushes

Get a few small brushes for cleaning paint brushes and rollers. You can get between the bristles and remove dry paint that has built up that soap and water won’t remove. A steel brush is usually the best option for this situation and can clean the handles on your brushes and rollers as well.

Letting Paint Linger

Avoid letting paint linger on your brushes and rollers. This can cause them to dry out and deteriorate over time. As soon as you’re done painting, you need to clean the paint and put your supplies in an area so that they won’t get dirt and debris on them as this can result in the dirt being transferred to the area you’re painting.

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