Keep Ticks Off of Your Lawn

Ticks carry the bacteria that are responsible for Lyme Disease. This serious illness can have lifelong effects on a person’s health. To help you, your family and your pets stay safe; we offer tick control in New York. Lyme Disease was first identified in Connecticut, and it quickly spread throughout the Northeast. The ticks get around quickly because they hitch rides on deer and other animals that frequent the borders between wooded areas and grassy areas.

Dogs are at an especially high risk of picking up ticks and getting sick from the bacteria that they inject when they bite. When you take your dog for a walk or let your dog loose in your yard, it could pick up ticks. The ticks are known to attach to long blades of grass. They prefer the areas that are close to wooded areas. If your yard has long grass or borders a wooded area or park, you may be at high risk of tick bites and infections such as Lyme Disease.

If you have ever found a tick on your dog or yourself after doing yard work, playing in the yard or going on a walk, it is important to consider tick control services. We spray the grass in your yard to get rid of the ticks. The chemicals we use are safe for wildlife, pets, children, the elderly and other sensitive people who may be exposed.

When you need tick control in New York, let us at Viking Pest Control be your first choice. We use safe pest control products that you can depend on to get rid of the ticks in your lawn. Contact us by phone or visit us online today at for more information about our tick control services.

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