Intense Pulsed Light Therapy in Maui Minimizes the Appearance of a Variety of Skin Problems

Intense pulsed light therapy in Maui is a cosmetic therapy that can enhance people’s looks and rejuvenate their appearance. For many individuals, that means an all-around life enhancement as they enjoy feeling more confident.

Skin Conditions to Minimize With IPL

This type of light treatment can significantly reduce the appearance of skin irregularities. Examples include minor acne scars and uneven pigmentation resulting from years of sun exposure. Brown patches known as melasma on the face and neck, as well as age spots on the hands, can be minimized with Intense Pulsed Light Therapy in Maui. The sessions are useful for treating fine lines and broken capillaries that appear on the face and elsewhere. Skin texture is improved.

It should be noted that the person’s skin will not be flawless after treatments, but noteworthy improvements can be expected. In some instances, blemishes that had been on the skin since childhood or the teen years simply disappear. A small, light birthmark might no longer be visible after this treatment, for example. Freckles may fade remarkably and also may no longer be visible.

Birthmark Treatment

Sometimes, freckles are considered an attractive feature, such as when a pretty redhead has a sprinkling of them on the skin. Birthmarks, in contrast, are rarely if ever considered attractive. Years ago, removal of a birthmark might only be done through freezing of the skin or surgery, and not all marks could be resolved this way. The light therapy is most effective on flat birthmarks in a limited area, but larger ones can have the appearance reduced as well.


This noninvasive treatment only requires relatively brief appointments and often there is no downtime. The person usually can return to work or other usual activities immediately after leaving the facility. Some individuals experience reddening of the treated area that may look like a blotchy sunburn. That should go away within 24 hours.

More than one session at a facility like The Skin Center is nearly always required for optimum results. The results are very long-lasting compared with some other noninvasive cosmetic procedures. Click here for information on this particular skin treatment center.

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