Industries That Use Large Drums and How They Are Cleaned for Reuse

Industrial drums are used in a variety of industries. They can be used to store and ship paint, chemicals, food, grease, adhesive, and ink. It is also possible to store and ship cured resins and dry paint in industrial drums. Most industrial drums are 55 gallons and have a cylindrical shape. However, it is possible to find drums in other shapes and sizes. The majority of them are made from metal, fiber, or plastic.

Depending on the industry that the drums are used for, drum washers can be used to properly sanitize the drums and make it possible for them to be used again. A drum washer will prevent contamination or mixing substances. In addition to making sure that the drums are fully cleaned and sanitized after each use, they are also dried. The washers may also be used to sanitize smaller containers, like buckets, jars, lids, and barrels. The washer turns the drum in a circular motion. They are typically equipped with water nozzles that spray the water under high pressure in order to clean both the inside and the outside of the drum.

Cleaning a drum involves spraying it with hot water. A cleaning solution will also be used. Since the washer will rotate the drum, this makes cleaning and sanitizing easy. The drum is crushed and properly disposed of when it can no longer be used.

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