Improve Vision with Polarized Sunglasses

The summertime is quickly approaching, and soon you might be spending a lot of time outside. The sunlight can wreak havoc on the eyes when they are not protected. Sunglasses are a great option for keeping the harmful ultra violet light of the sun from doing any significant damage to your eyes. If you wear eyeglasses normally, then you might have a second set for outside use during the day or even a third set for reading. Did you know that you can get all of those options on a single pair of glassesvyour eyes from the sun, allow you to read, have a prescription and reduce glare. This is the perfect set of eye wear for an active outdoor person that requires prescription lenses.

How Do Polarized Lenses Help Protect You?

When light strikes a surface, it normally scatters out in all directions, but when it strikes a flat surface it reflects in a flat horizontal line. This is what we call glare, usually a harmless effect that has the potential to become dangerous. For example, when the midday sunlight strikes the road it can cause bright distracting flares of illumination. As you may well know, this can quickly become dangerous. How do polarized lenses help protect you against this? During the process of creating the eyeglasses a specially made filter is placed on them. This filter is what reduces the effect of glaring light. There are certain circumstances where using eye wear that has been treated with this method is not advisable. For example, if you were skiing, you are going to want to see the reflection coming off of any ice patches in your way.

A Good Choice for All in One Eye Wear

No one wants to carry around two or three sets of eyeglasses with them. This setup allows you to own a single pair of glasses that can cover a myriad of outdoor settings. Your eyes will be protected from ultra violet glaring light of the sun through the filter and shading of the sunglasses. The bifocals will allow you to read wherever and whenever you want. It is possible to even have them made with your personal prescription. The fact you can get all of these options on one pair of glasses makes them an all-in-one cost effective solution that you should not pass up.

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