Important Qualities to Look for When Shopping for Used Trucks in Lancaster County

The vehicles that you have in your company’s fleet are crucial to your everyday profit and success. You rely on these vehicles to serve your customers and expand the products and services that your business sells to the public. When you need to add more trucks to your fleet, you could save money by purchasing vehicles that are pre-owned. By knowing what qualities to look for in used service trucks in Lancaster County business owners can make wise investments that will give solid returns for their commercial fleets.


When you shop around for used service trucks, Lancaster County buyers like you want to consider those trucks that have as few miles on them as possible. You ideally want to avoid buying trucks that have over 100,000 miles on them. This amount of miles indicates that the truck has been extensively driven and more than likely has considerable wear and tear on its mechanical parts and engine. Fleet trucks that have fewer than 100,000 miles could be a better investment for you. You can get years of use out of them and know that the parts in their undercarriage and motor have plenty of wear and tear left in them before they need to be replaced.


Used fleet trucks that still have manufacturers warranties on them can be an attractive investment for you to make for your company. Many manufacturers of flee t trucks offer a five year or 100,000-mile comprehensive drive train warranty. This coverage will pay for repairs or replacements to parts in the drive train during that time. It also will transfer from owner to owner after the truck is sold. A warranty can help to ensure that you are getting a good vehicle and at a fair price.

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