Important Criteria to Keep in Mind When Looking for Commercial Properties

When you own a business, you are always on the lookout for new places to move your company. As your company grows, you could soon outgrow the space where it is located now. You need to relocate to a place that offers more space and accommodations.

When you are in the market for commercial land in Harrison County, WV, you need to keep certain criteria in mind during your search, however. These tips can help you find a plot of land that will more than suit the needs of your business.

Lease Versus Buy

When you search for commercial land in Harrison County, WV, you will need to consider whether or not the property is for lease or for sale. The option for obtaining it can underscore how long your company can exist on the property, in fact. If it is for lease, you may be only to lease it for six months to a year at a time.

When you want more permanence with your property, you can buy instead of rent a plot of land. The land can be for sale for a per square foot basis. You can purchase as much or as little of it depending on how it is zoned.


Another consideration to keep in mind when you look for land to buy involves what kinds of utilities are already installed on it. When you want to keep your upfront costs as low as possible, you need to buy land that already has gas, water and utilities installed on it. Otherwise, you have to pay to have these utilities dug and placed there before any building can take place.

You can find out more about buying commercial land in Harrison County, WV, online. Contact Harrison County Economic Development to request more information about the buying process.

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