HVAC Santa Ana Provides Full Service Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Whether designing, building, or refitting a home or office building, the heating and cooling system is critical to providing a comfortable indoor temperature along with healthy, well-ventilated air quality. Based on the principles of heat transfer and refrigeration, modern day heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems became possible due to the research of early mechanical engineers that began in the Industrial Revolution up to the later designs of the early 1900’s.

Development of modern heating comes from the work of a father and son team, James and Reuben Trane of La Crosse, Wisconsin. In 1923, Reuben Trane, a mechanical engineer, designed a convection radiator to replace the cast-iron heaters of the time. One of the important goals of a properly operating heating system is the accurate and even level of warmth in all interior rooms. Factors such as air temperature, humidity, and lost heat will determine the overall feeling of comfort. Indoor heating systems can cause the emission of air contaminants and harmful byproducts, which can lead to adverse health effects unless the air receives proper filtration as it circulates.

Ventilation and filtration of indoor air removes contaminants such as dust, bacteria, moisture, odors, volatile organic compounds, and carbon dioxide. The correct exchange of air brings fresh air in and expels stagnant air to maintain a clean, safe, and acceptable indoor air quality.

Current air conditioning (AC) systems in Santa Ana can trace their roots to the world’s first recognized air conditioning system developed in 1902 by Willis Carrier. He used his experience of heating with steam to determine that a reverse process of sending cold water through coils would provide cooled air when air passed over the coils. His design incorporated the four basic functions of controlling air circulation and ventilation, humidity, temperature, and cleansing the air. Air conditioning systems change the air temperature and humidity in a room by using a refrigeration cycle to help cool areas and provide a more favorable condition. HVAC in Santa Ana area can evaluate the heating and cooling needs of any home or office and provide a professional recommendation of the HVAC system that will work best during all seasons.

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